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  About Unimicrosys

  Welcome to Unimicrosys

  Unimicrosys Technologies Pvt Ltd is established in 2011, for developing software solutions to global businesses and provides software and consultancy services by accelerate the strategic value on the impact of information throughouts in enterprise solutions to leverage lower costs and risk.

  What is Unimicrosys ?

  Unimicrosys has a long vision, driven by one mission with creative objectives and clear values for advanced technological growth in IT and AI through research in software services and support to provide leadership by delivering quality innovations to clients globally.

  Unimicrosys focused on a wide array of areas blending pure and applied research, which is unique in its clear focus, unmatched talent pool and innovation culture that thrives on worldwide collaborations.

  Unimicrosys is into advanced state-of-the-art breakthroughs in advanced technologies through research in engineering, software and services.

  The current focus areas include information management, software technologies, IT infrastructure management, high performance computing, mobile enabled emerging technologies, analytics, and human language technologies.

  Why Unimicrosys ?

  Unimicrosys leveraging best practices gleaned from an array of innovative service offerings that deliver measurable business value to customers, not only helped us differentiate ourselves from other outsourcing vendors, but also made us the partner of choice for globally-leading companies, for their outsourcing needs.

  Unimicrosys distilled our process management expertise into a targeted set of BPO/Call Center solutions delivered via our state-of-the-art offshore delivery center in India.

  Unimicrosys has developed our offshore delivery center to provide fully integrated and dedicated BPO/call center solutions to help our customers acquire more business, reduce operational costs, and increase revenue.

  Our approach to service delivery brings together talented people; a defined, repeatable process; and superior technology and infrastructure to deliver effective solutions that address our customers business challenges.

  Unimicrosys unlocks business value by applying our proven process methodologies to optimize business processes.

Unimicrosys is incorporated in 2011 as Unimicrosys Technologies Private Limited. Unimicrosys started operations in design, build and manage projects. Unimicrosys is going to expand services globally. Unimicrosys releases white papers on products available. Unimicrosys searching for small scale product development companies to take-over. Unimicrosys starts working in R&D sources for modeling hardware, embedded and chip design. Unimicrosys diversifies services with various associated technologies.
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